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"We are determined to provide intellectual support for the national marine strategy, to increase international collaboration in ocean research, to be the leading core in the research of the deep-sea science, technology and engineering, and to be the significant platform to explore the ocean, construct the top university and serve the state and society!


Professor Dongxiaozhang

    Over the past century, so much effort has been made by PKU to promote the ocean research. In the early 20th century, Professor Siguang Li and Professor A. W. Grabau started teaching the course of Paleoceanography; in the 1970s, the ocean-related courses were officially opened at PKU; in the year of 2010, the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the Ocean Research Center were established; and in the year of 2013, the IOR was finally founded. With remarkable perseverance and constant innovation, we took the historical mission and made progress step by step. At this turning point, the IOR faces great opportunities as well as challenges, and all the faculty, staff and students of the IOR are ready to move forward for the higher and further goals.

    Throughout the world, all the first-class ocean institutes have profound culture atmosphere, clear objectives, top talent teams, and high efficient management system. As a new ocean institute, the IOR tries every effort to absorb their valuable experiences, recruits domestic and international talents, widely cooperates with other institutes and takes a new Government-Industry-College-Research-Application integration mode for fast development. Within less than two years, the IOR has made remarkable achievements, such as the establishment of the Center for Maritime Strategic Studies, the Ocean Mega-data Research Center, the One Belt One Road Research Center, and the Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Molecular Function (Preparatory), as well as co-construction of the Peking University Institute of Ocean Research (Hainan) with Hainan Provincial People's Government, and the Peking University Institute of Ocean Research (Zhoushan Archipelago New Area) with Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. In order to realize our goal of building an advanced and special ocean research institute, the IOR focuses on integrating the superior oceanic resources, offering intellectual support and promoting the implementation of maritime power strategy and the development of marine economy. Meanwhile, operating in a new system and new mechanism, the IOR is intended to take charge of planning and coordination of the ocean disciplines at Peking University, promote the innovation and transformation of marine science and technology, and devote to college reform and research innovation.

    "Where there is a will, there is a way. With the great efforts of Peking University and the strong supports from the society, we firmly believe that the IOR will create a new era of OCEAN!



Dean: Dongxiao Zhang