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With the purpose of being the world leading ocean research institute, IOR is designed to focus on deep sea and ocean, especially on the study of modern ocean science and engineering, policy and social sciences. IOR also puts emphasis on educating maritime leaders and fostering innovative collaboration.



IOR is dedicated to research and education in order to promote the ocean science and serve the society. With the joint efforts of Center for Maritime Strategic Studies, Ocean Mega-data Research Center and One Belt One Road Research Center, IOR is to

Further the frontiers of knowledge in ocean science and technology, engineering and equipment, policy and strategy, humanities and social sciences, etc.
Facilitate interdisciplinary marine-related research across science, engineering, social and policy boundaries.
Provide excellence and leadership in ocean research at the national and international levels.
Provide a focal point for quality training of graduate students in ocean research.
Promote innovative collaborative opportunities in marine fields.
Become a resource to address the needs of Chinas maritime strategy.