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        The Photography Competition named "Sound of Sea”(Qie Ting Hai Yin), directed by the Institute of Ocean Research and the Communist Youth League Committee of Peking University, was ended on June 12th, the award ceremony of which was held in Room 405, No. 2 Teaching Building on June 15th. DongxiaoZhang, Dean of College of Engineering and Institute of Ocean Research (IOR), LixinZhang, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Committee and Secretary General of Student Union, and MaohongBao, Deputy Director of Ocean Strategy Research Center and professor of History Department of Peking University attended the award ceremony . This award ceremony was hosted by ShaoyanMou, Director of Dean’s Office of the IOR.

LixinZhang addressed the opening words, in which she affirmed the significance of the Photography Competition, adding that it not only stimulated students’ initiative to know more about the ocean, but also enriched the campus cultural life in Peking University. At the same time, she appealed to all the students to pay more attention to the development of the marine enterprise, as well as researches in oceanography. Last but not least, Zhang called on the attendants to actively participate in the following practical activities and investigations conducted byIOR.

Zhang Lixinaddressed the opening words

After three rounds of ballots by viewers, internet users and an expert panel respectively, the five main awards of the competition were finally determined. The Grand Prize came to “Heng Bin” taken by Dai Yuqing, a student from the College of International Relations. The First Prize was awarded to “If You Were to be a Fish, I would Be the Sea”, shot by KuangChen from the College of Engineering. “Shi Lao Ren” taken by ChongdaoMa from Ocean University of China, “Shoots of the Sea” by YujingYan from the College of Urban and Environmental Science and “The Setting Sun and Waves” by Ying Zhang from the Labor Union of Peking University, won the Second Prize. Besides, “NamtsoIs not a Sea” by Ailing Du from the Department of Sociology, “Return after Work at Sea” by JinpingFu from the Peking University Health Science Center, “Conquest” by YanhanZhang from the College of Urban and Environmental Science, “Shore of Freedom” by Yao Fu from the College of Engineering and “Sleep beside the Sea” by NiuTianxiao, won the Third Prize. In addition, four more prizes were set to reward the other distinctive and preeminent works, which are the Excellent Award, the Most Creative Award, the Most Popular Award and the Most Spiritual Award respectively.

Dongxiao Zhang presented the grand prize

Lixin Zhang presented the first prize

Maohong Bao presented the second prize

group photo of the third prize winners  

Professor DongxiaoZhang made the concluding remarks, in which he sincerely thanked all the participants of the photography competition, and encourage them to take part in other activities held by the IOR in the future.

Background of “Sound of Sea” Photography Competition:

Established on December, 2013, Institution of Ocean Research (IOR) is the only independent interdisciplinary ocean research entity of Peking University. With a new management and organization system, the institute aims at building oceanography disciplines and a platform of marine resources. Furthermore, the institute takes charge of the planning and coordination of the ocean disciplines at Peking University, and the cooperation in terms of the ocean industry and the related fields. At present, Professor DongxiaoZhang from the College of Engineering is appointed as Dean, Professor LipingZhou from the College of Urban and Environmental Science and Professor LeiWang from the Law School are Associate Deans of the institute.

On the first anniversary of the establishment oftheIOR, the “Sound of Sea” Photography Competition was held so as to arouse the ocean awareness and responsibility of the teachers and students of Peking University. Ocean University of China was also invited to participate. We received more than two hundred photographs from almost one hundred participants within three months, and nearly 20 thousand internet users took part in the online voting. Namely, the competition obtained an enthusiastic echo from the public.