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Dr. Poul Holm Visited the Institute of Ocean Research

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During June 26th to 27th, invited by the Institute of Ocean Research, Dr. Poul Holm, the former chairman of the ESEH ( the European Society for Environmental History) and senior professor in the subject of environmental history visited the institute and exchanged views and ideas cordially with teachers and students here. As one part of "the excellent courses for graduate students" launched by Professor Bao Maohong, who is the vice director of the Marine Strategic Center, this event promoted cooperation and communication of Peking University in the field of ocean strategy and other humanities.

Symposium scene

In the afternoon of June 26th, there held a warm, friendly and fruitful talk between representatives of Peking University (Vice-president Wang lei, Professor Bao Maohong, Professor Chen Yifeng, etc) and Dr. Poul Holm. Professor Wang briefly introduced the basic functions and recent research of the institution and Dr. Poul's speech focused on the project of NorFish GIS from the year of 2016 to 2020 as well as the Ocean Past Platform. Scholars of both sides exchanged views about the possible cooperation fields and research trend in the future and also further expressed their wishes to deepen communication, expand more channels of cooperation and strengthen friendship between each other.

Lectures by Dr. Holm

Dr. Bao hosted the event

Two lectures with themes of "Human history and the Ocean: a scientific historical turn" and "The North Atlantic Fisheries, from 1400 to 1700" were delivered by Dr. Holm in Room 403 Science Building on the 27th of June, which drew plenty of graduate students'coming. Dr. Holm suggested that human tended to depend on the ocean but, at the same time, human appeared to know little about the ocean. He showed a list of methodologies for the study of maritime history, including estimating the general amount of fish catch by the number of dried fishes, analysis of Shell Mound and fish bones, utilization of logbook, comparison of photos, etc. He emphasized the importance of knowing more about the ocean in the past period and it was also suggested by him that human especially fisheries managers should master relevant knowledge clearly about how to conduct the recovery of oceanic cycle. In the second lecture, Dr. Holm took Norfish as an example to demonstrate seven cases about the exploration of marine environmental history, using the methodology of combination by quantitative method and qualitative method. He pointed out that it is a general trend to conduct interdisciplinary cooperation about the research of marine environmental history in the future.


Teachers and students present

These events with Dr. Poul Holm are highly recommended and well welcomed and loved by both teachers and students. And it ended with warm applauses.