The symposium of PH.D students of IOR was held successfully

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The symposium of PH.D students of the Institute of Ocean Research was hold in the Leo KoGuan Building on 1st June, 2017. Students from College of Engineering, Department of History and Department of Information Management took part in the symposium and shared research progress and achievements respectively. An evaluation management system was announced and the committee on student autonomy was built up, both of which were to achieve the standardized administration of the institution.

PH.D student, Yajun Deng shared his new progress in the field of Interfacial properties of offshore oil and gas. He pointed out that the crystals have different wettability in different planes of crystals. And he further introduced several research methods to conduct certain tests, such as the Miller index method. Then another PH.D student, Yihua Teng delivered a brief introduction of the present social hot spot, the exploitation of combustible ice, which gave an overall view of the whole project. Hongtao Liu, a PH.D student majored in history share his research in the field of aquaculture industry of Philippines after the Second World War. Miss Ruojia Wang, whose research focused on the topic of the Belt and Road, shared her research on the research cooperation network between countries along the Belt and Road.

Through the cross-disciplinary platforms of the Institute of Ocean Research, students could enjoy plenty of knowledge of different disciplines, basing on a regular basis to share. By this special platform, studies would be developed to be more varied and both the visual angle and the research methods would also be improved.