Press release of new book “The Belt and Road” Case Practice and Risk Prevention Series

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On May 21, 2017, “The Belt and Road” Case Practice and Risk Prevention Series, which is sponsored by Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, China Ocean Press and Pacific Society of China, was released at Peking University Yingjie Exchange Center. Over 120 participants from more than 50 representative organizations attended the press conference and discussed four topics of “The Belt and Road”.

Principal Assistant, Minister of Social Sciences of Peking University Bo Wang delivered a welcome speech

He said, Peking University should emphasize three principles on “the Belt and Road" initiative, which was the respect of academic, the pursuit of truth and knowledge. He stressed the importance of meeting the major needs of the country based on traditions, disciplines, advantages and characteristics.

Vice President of Peking University Institute of Ocean Research Lei Wang delivered a speech

He said at present there were many macro-researches of “The Belt and Road", so how to ensure the smooth landing of “The Belt and Road" initiative and promote it at a micro level was the focus of this series. Besides, Institute of Ocean Research was established in response to building a maritime power after 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is a platform open to the world and welcomes the world’s attention.

Subsequently, the editors made a brief introduction of the series. After the book launch, four forums were held on the topic of "the Belt and Road", which attracted hundreds of experts and scholars to join in a lively discussion.