A Breakthrough of Natural Gas Hydrate in China Sea Area, Peking University Professor Hailong Lu Team Made Outstanding Contributions

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On May 18, 2017, a breakthrough was made in the study of natural gas hydrate in the sea area of China. Natural gas was successfully collected for the first time in the South China Sea. Peking University, as one of the four core units of this project, undertook the research task of gas hydrate test and development system, provided support for pre-production and made an important contribution during the engineering process.

Hailong Lu, Professor at College of Engineering and Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University was the chief scientist of this production engineering. He has participated in the investigation and preparation of this pre-production, and proposed a new method of gas hydrate exploitation and utilization. Meanwhile he worked in the production site, guiding the production process according to the test results. He and his team have played a key role in this successful production test.

Professor Hailong Lu formed a gas hydrate research team including researchers in several disciplines and directions such as geochemistry, geology, geophysics, microbiology, mechanics and physics, and established the corresponding laboratory. The academic research in the laboratory provides a basic hydration result and development technology for the development of gas hydrate research and commercial development and utilization.

In addition, Yihua Teng, a PhD candidate of Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University, was a member of the engineering simulation team of this project. His capacity simulation provided an important basis for the development of a step-down program.