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ZHOU Liping

2018-07-14 03:03:19


ZHOU Liping:

Boya Distinguished Professor

Tel: +86-10-62756052

Email: lpzhou@pku.edu.cn

Add: Department of Geography, and Institute of Ocean Research, Peking University, 100871, Beijing, China


1992, Ph.D., University of Cambridge, UK

1984, M.Sc., Free University of Brussels, Belgium

1982, B.Sc., Peking University, China

Work Experience:

2017 Boya Distinguished Professor, Peking University

1999 Professor, Peking University

1996-1999, Leverhulme Research Associate, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

1993-1996, Research Associate, Department of Physics and the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge

1990-1993, Senior Research Associate, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia

Professional Committee and Service:

2020 Member (EXCOM), PAGES

2016 Member, Scientific Steering Committee, GEOTRACES

2013 Member, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research of China

2013 Member (EXCOM), Scientific Steering Committee, Past Global Change Programme (PAGES), IGBP

2012 Member, Scientific Steering Committee, Past Global Change Programme (PAGES), IGBP

2012 President, Geochronology commission, Chinese Association for Quaternary Research

2011 Vice President, Stratigraphy and Chronology Commission, International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA)

2011 President, Geomorphology and Quaternary Commission Chinese Geographical Association

2010 Deputy Director, Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes

2010 Executive Deputy Director, Centre for Ocean Research Peking University

2009 Member, China National Committee, IGBP

2003 Deputy General Secretary, Chinese Association for Quaternary Research

2000 Member, American Geophysics Union

Membership of Editorial Advisory Board

2013 Anthropocene

2007-2010 Earth and Planetary Science Letters

2006 Journal of Quaternary Science

2002 Quaternary Research

2001-2003 Quaternary Science Reviews

2000 The Holocene


Undergraduate course: Global environmental change, 2 credits

Undergraduate course: Introduction to ocean science (coordinator), 2 credits

Undergraduate course: Experimental methods in modern physical geography, 2 credits

Graduate course: Quaternary environmental change, 3 credits

Graduate course: Quaternary geochronology, 3 credits


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