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2018 | Sino-Japanese Coast Guard Crisis Management Mechanism Workshop was held by Institute of Ocean Research.

2018 | PHD Students of Institute of Ocean Research attented 2018 AUA Youth Forum.

2018 | Indonesian Maritime Cooperation Delegation visited Peking University Institute of Ocean Research.

2018 | 2018 Report on Five Connectivity Indexes was released.

2018 | APEC Workshop on Innovative Marine Debris Solutions was held.

2018 | The first jointly trained PHD students by Institute of Ocean Research and College of Engineering was graduated.

2018 | National Marine Awareness Development Index (MAI)was released.

2018 | The first Peking University Ocean Forum was successfully held by Peking University Institute of Ocean Research.

2017 | Ocean Academic Information Portal of Peking University was founded.

2016 | Global Policy Study Center was founded.

2015 | The Belt and Road Data Analysis Platform was founded.

2014 | Peking University Institute of Ocean Research started to recruit PhD students.

2014 | Marine Information Research Center  was founded.

2014 | Maritime Strategic Research Center was founded.

2013 | Peking University Institute of Ocean Research was established.

2010 | Peking University started to recruit PhD students in the fields of physical oceanography, marine geophysics, quaternary paleoceanology, marine medicinal chemistry, and marine law.

2010 | Ocean Research Center was established.

2010 | Department of Atmospheric Sciences was renamed to Department of Atmospheric and Marine Sciences.

2010 | Physical Oceanography major was founded at Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

1981 | Master's degree and Doctoral degree in Paleontology and Stratigraphy were approved at Peking University.

1910 | Palaeontology and Paleoceanography were taught by Li Siguang and A. W. Grabau at Peking University.